Reviews for Tabitha Fink The Cat With One Eye

5 starsTabitha Fink: The Cat With One Eye – Review by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

“Tabitha Fink: The Cat With One Eye by Rick Felty is about Tabitha Fink, the cat who introduces herself to readers using clever rhymes and interesting words that will help to improve their vocabulary. Tabitha Fink is happy the way she is, not being a star or a bear with a hat. She is not a doll or a blueberry pie, but just Tabitha Fink and she is happy being herself. The book conveys a beautiful message of accepting oneself and realizing that we all are great as we are, just like one-eyed Tabitha Fink.5star-flat-web
I found the book adorable and the message is very up-lifting. It teaches children to be happy with their own selves instead of trying to be like someone else. The illustrations are charming and lively and help children learn a lot of new things. Tabitha is a lovable one-eyed cat and she teaches readers to feel great with what they have. It’s a good bedtime storybook and parents and grandparents can read it out to their kids and grandkids. The book can also be used for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries.
The message conveyed through the book is very healthy and empowering and teaches young readers to celebrate their uniqueness and individuality. Books that convey good messages to kids help them understand the message or the concept better when narrated with the help of a story. Kids will love this book and they will also like the voice of Tabitha Fink.”paw

Additional Reviews for Tabitha Fink: The Cat With One Eye

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 2.33.51 PM“Tabitha Fink is one awesome, amazing, wonderful cat! Why? Because while she’s cute and adorable like other cats, Tabitha Fink also has just one eye – and she thinks that’s just perfect for her.

The star of this book begins her story by telling us that “I am Tabitha Fink/quite simply a cat” and then she proceeds to tell us what she is not. She is NOT a car, a star, a truck or several other things. Nope, she is “…Tabitha Fink, a cat with one eye.”

Tabitha Fink may only have one eye, but that certainly doesn’t slow her down. She might climb up the table to try and get the scrumptious blueberry pie that’s just sitting there or have a blast playing with a ball of yarn. Nope, having one eye is not a problem for Tabitha Fink because “…it makes me special with each single blink.”

Told in the first person by Tabitha Fink, the story is written in a simple rhyme style that flows perfectly:
I am Tabitha Fink, somewhat hard to ignore
with only one eye where some others have more.
I’ve still got one tail and four paws on the floor.
I’m still Tabitha Fink as I’ve mentioned before.
The message of accepting who you are and embracing your differences, no matter what they are, comes across loud and clear without being preachy in Tabitha Fink. The illustrations are simple, bright and cheerful and when combined with the brief text, come together to make the perfect book for the preschooler (ages 2 to 5). I’ve no doubt that both parent and child will be smiling ear-to-ear after reading Tabitha Fink.

Quill says: A not-to-be missed story for the preschooler in your life – uplifting, enjoyable, and just plain fun. I loved every word!

– Ellen Feld, Feathered Quill

“What a sweet book! With bright, colorful illustrations and a fun, rhyming text, Tabitha Fink shows kids and adults alike that it’s okay to be different. This sweet little cat is wholly content just being herself. And the message comes through that we should all feel comfortable in our own skin – or fur as the case may be. None of us are perfect and Tabitha Fink gives us permission not to be. The best part is that Tabitha Fink is a real cat!” – Patti Tingen, author, “A Cat Named Mouse”


Tabitha Fink is a cat – a very special cat at that… because Tabitha the cat has one eye. In this simply written story we fall in love with Tabitha Fink – the cat with one eye who shows us that no matter  how different you may look, everyone is special in their own way.  This story not only gives the young child an important message about inclusion, but it is also simply told with a fun rhyme scheme and has bold, colorful illustrations that will surely keep your little one enticed the whole way through. The reason I love this book so much though is because it is so simply written so that little ones can understand the story and so young readers can successfully read it through. Telling a big story with few words is hard to do and Felty does this swimmingly. You can also get the audio book for free from the website at I can’t wait to see what Tabitha the cat has in store when she travels to space in the next book! I will most definitely  be sharing this with everyone I know!” Ashley Mills Monaghan, award winning author of ‘A Little Goes a Long Way’
“My 4-year-old says “I super duper want to learn more about Tabitha Fink!” We took turns reading the words (lots of preschool reading level words to work with) and thoroughly enjoyed this. My daughter thought Tabitha Fink was a funny cat, and got the message that it’s ok to be whoever you are. Good read.” – Amazon Reader “Up Late”paw

“This book is very clear with bright pictures, simple enough for a young child to understand, with clever rhymes and rhythm to satisfy adults. My kids like the voice of the cat and ask me to read it again and again. I do without hesitation because the message is so healthy and empowering.” – Amazon Reader “Amy Karr”paw

“What a lovely read, and celebration of sassy cats everywhere! the witty illustrations add a whimsical touch to the heartwarming tale of a very special feline.” – Amazon Reader “Convergenz”paw

“Loved the book. Fun for my kids to read and great message about embracing your uniqueness!” – Amazon Reader “Tom Angelo”