Real Tabitha Fink

The real Tabitha Fink
The real Tabitha Fink.

We have found that some people want to know why Tabitha Fink has only one eye. This is a very natural question and we are happy to tell you all we know.

When Tabitha Fink was adopted by our family she already had only one eye. We took her to the veterinarian for a check-up and learned she is very healthy. The veterinarian said that it was not possible to be certain how she came to have only one eye. There were two likely possibilities. She either had a serious illness or a bad injury in that one eye. A veterinarian then performed surgery to remove it to be sure Tabitha Fink would thrive. It is not likely that she was born with only one eye.

In any case, the veterinarian told us that she would be able to live a very full life with only one eye….and we can report that she does!

Go Tabitha Fink!

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