Tabitha Fink On A Mission To Mars


The second book in the Tabitha Fink series, Tabitha Fink On a Mission to Mars is an exciting adventure through space from Earth to the red planet.  But in reality the story is much more universal than that. During her trip, Tabitha learns that trying something new can be fun and that making new friends is the way the universe works.

The Tabitha Fink message, that kids should embrace who they are, continues in this book, which is intended for the first through third grade readers.

Tabitha Fink On a Mission to Mars has won the Best Children’s Picture Book in the Feathered Quill Book Awards, was a finalist in the the Beverly Hills Book Awards and Pacific Book Awards as well as a Readers Favorite winner.

5 stars

Tabitha Fink On A Mission To Mars – Review by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

“Different is cool, says Tabitha Fink and it is cool to learn new things, even if, at first, they seem a little bit scary. But Tabitha Fink isn’t scared. In fact, she’s a cat on a mission to learn all she can, this time about the far distant planet of Mars. She knows that a lot of things are different on Mars, like the things Martians do for fun, how they travel, and the food they eat, but she doesn’t know what the differences are and she’s determined to find out.5star-shiny-hr

Rick Felty’s colorfully illustrated picture book story, Tabitha Fink On a Mission to Mars, is a clever teaching tool to help young readers overcome or at least try to manage their fear of things that are new and different. By using a cute cat as the brave explorer, the story, with its rhyming verse and humorous innuendos, allows young readers to feel good and brave like Tabitha Fink. The cat herself is even different as she only has one eye, but that doesn’t stop her from exploring and learning about the universe around her. This is a great inspirational and fun story for young readers.”

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