5 stars – Tabitha Fink Reminds Children That Being Different is Not Just Okay, It’s Purr-fect!

Arrrrrr you ready to take a trip, with Tabitha Fink on her pirate ship? Climb aboard author Rick Felty’s Tabitha Fink and the Patchwork Pirates, for a wonderful adventure, as this sweet, rhyming story is not only fun for children, but has much to teach them.

Tabitha Fink is a one-eyed cat, but she doesn’t mind being different, and she doesn’t let that stop her from seeing beyond the surface. Tabitha and her first mate, Bartholomew the mouse, are pirates. Not mean, stinky pirates, though—kind pirates, who shower every morning. When they find a treasure map, they decide they’ll need more help to dig up the treasure. They advertise for some new crew members—two girls and a boy, no experience needed. Bartholomew is not pleased with the folks who apply, but Tabitha sees each with her insightful, accepting eye. Though their patchwork crew seems an odd assembly of makeshift pirates to the brave but skeptical Bartholomew, as their adventure unfolds, he learns what Tabitha has known all along: each brings a unique skill to their team that helps them in their mission to find the treasure.

Felty’s charming illustrations in vivid colors bring this story to life, and heroine Tabitha Fink reminds us that being different is not just okay, it’s purr-fect! In a world where, too often, our differences separate us, Rick Felty’s patchwork of pirates reminds us that when we embrace our differences, they come together to create a beautiful “sail full of colors,” that will catch the wind and take us to amazing places. Tabitha Fink and the Patchwork Pirates is sure to be a favorite with children, who will enjoy the story, while learning its valuable message of celebrating the unique and special gifts each of us has to offer.

Reviewed by Deborah Stevenson—Author of award-winning children’s books, Soaring Soren: When French Bulldogs FlySoaring Soren: When French Bulldogs Fly and Oy, ElephantsOy, Elephants!

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